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Welcome to the Law Firm Dedicated to Educating You Before You Call a Lawyer

Kevin Mottley founded The Mottley Law Firm to pursue his passion for aggressively advocating his clients’ legal causes in Virginia state and federal courts. Whether your case involves a traumatic brain injury or another serious injury claim, when you work with Kevin Mottley, you get the zealous representation, education, and resources necessary to help you sleep better, while knowing that someone is fighting to obtain the fair and reasonable compensation you deserve.

Don’t Cause Yourself Undue Stress by Trying to Fight Your Serious Personal Injury Case Alone!

Going to trial to get just compensation for a serious injury, like a brain injury, is an overwhelming experience. You need an advocate who can explain your rights to you, educate you about the process, properly prepare your case, and effectively represent you in court. Kevin Mottley's passion is doing just that.  Kevin practices law to help people. Here are some ways that Kevin may be able to help you:

  • Help for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Virginia. Brain injuries are some of the most complex and difficult injury cases to explain to a jury. This is because a brain injury—particularly a mild traumatic brain injury—is not easily diagnosed and can hide silently for weeks or months after an accident. A brain injury victim may be unaware that something is seriously wrong for an extended period of time. Even then, the mild traumatic brain injury victim may appear and act “normal” to strangers. Only the victim’s family, friends, and co-workers understand that something is seriously wrong. To make matters worse, when the victim does realize that a brain injury has occurred, the defendant’s insurance company refuses to acknowledge that fact. The defendant’s insurance company often refuses to pay just compensation to the victim. This means that a trial is necessary. The negligent person’s insurance company is often willing to gamble that a jury will fail to understand that a brain injury has occurred. If you or someone you love has experienced a brain injury in Virginia due to someone else’s negligence, putting a Richmond brain injury lawyer on your side is critical. Let my skill and experience fight the battle against the people who hurt you, so that you can focus on your recovery while being confident that you will get the best outcome possible in your case.
  • Representation of Virginia Spinal Cord Injury Victims.  Like brain injuries, spine injuries can range from the mild category, in which a herniated disk impacts the normal functioning of a nerve, to the severe injury to the spinal column resulting in life-altering consequences like paralysis.  Any injury to the spine is serious.  These injuries often result from sudden accidents or misconduct that could have been prevented.  Kevin Mottley devotes his practice to protecting the rights of people suffering serious injuries, like spinal injuries, in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Representation in Other Serious Injury Cases.  Kevin Mottley handles other serious injury cases, such as those involving broken bones, arising in all sorts of contexts from auto acccidents to work or industrial type accidents.
  • Advice Relating to Virginia Estate Disputes.  Too often, money and other property entrusted to a fiduciary in a person's will or trust, such as an executor or trustee, is mishandled and not handled properly.  As a result, the wishes of the person who entrusted the assets to the fiduciary are not honored and the beneficiaries are unable to obtain their inheritance.  When this happens, it is often necessary to go to court to correct the situation.
  • Strong Representation in Virginia Business Disputes.  Kevin Mottley has a long history of representing select clients involved in business disputes and litigation, including claims relating to breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, conspiracy, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.

The Mottley Law Firm is a boutique civil trial firm.  It is not a high-volume retail law firm, and is very selective in its case load.  If you are interested in having your matter evaluated by the firm, please call toll-free at (866) 484-5670 or directly at (804) 930-1022 to get the help you need from a Richmond brain injury lawyer.

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Kevin W. Mottley
Kevin W. Mottley, Richmond, VA trial lawyer dedicated to handling brain and other serious injury claims

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