Have You Lost Profits Due to Someone Else’s Wrongful Conduct? Have You Been the Victim of Fraud, Tortious Interference with Contract, or a Business Conspiracy that has Harmed Your Reputation, Trade, Business or Profession?

Let a Virginia Business Litigation Attorney Review Your Case.

Business disputes arise in a variety of contexts and may give rise to a number of legal claims that may be asserted in a Virginia court.  Kevin Mottley is experienced at advising businesses and business persons in such cases and recovering what is owed to his clients.  But recovering money is not the only objective of these cases.  Obtaining justice against those who have acted wrongfully is just as important.

To do that, businesses and business people need a trial lawyer, not a litigator.  Let’s face it, business cases, with all of their documents and complex issues, may be very interesting to the lawyers and the parties to the case.  But they can be very boring to a jury if your attorney is not a good communicator and is not good at involving the jury in the story of what happened.  The key to success in these cases is making the story interesting to the jury so they can see the line between right and wrong in a case.

Kevin Mottley is a Trial Lawyer Ready to Try These Cases to Verdict.

Here are some of the ways The Mottley Law Firm can help you:

  • Breach of Contract.  The most basic issue in most business cases is whether a contract (a legally enforceable promise) has been broken.  When promises are broken, damages sometimes result.  The law affords a person who has been damaged by a broken contract with a remedy in court.
  • Tortious Interference with Contract or Business Expectancy.  When someone wrongfully interferes with another person’s contract or business opportunity, it is possible that a tortious interference has occurred, giving rise to damages and punitive damages.
  • Fraud and Fraudulent Inducement.  Unfortunately, people sometimes lie to get an unfair advantage in business.  When this happens, it is called fraud.  A fraud gives rise to a civil claim for damages and may entitle the injured person to attorney’s fees as well.
  • Conspiracy.  When two or more people combine together to harm another person in his trade, business, profession or reputation, a claim for treble damages may exist in addition to attorney’s fees and punitive damages.

If you or your business is involved in a business dispute, please call Richmond attorney Kevin Mottley at (804) 930-1022 to arrange for your consultation in your will contest, trust or estate dispute today.

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