A manufacturer of a product, as well as all companies within the distribution chain of a product, may be legally responsible for injuries caused by their products in certain situations.  If the product was defectively designed, rendering it dangerous for its intended use, then the manufacturer and other companies involved in its distribution may be legally responsible for paying damages to persons injured by the product.  These companies may also be responsible for damages when something went wrong in the manufacturing process.  These cases involve what are referred to as manufacturing defects.  Companies who sell and distribute products may also be responsible for breaching various warranties that apply to the products they design, manufacture and sell.

Injuries Due To a Defective or Dangerous Product

Here at The Mottley Law Firm, we have experience representing individuals who have been injured by defective and dangerous products.  These cases – commonly called “products liability” cases – are very challenging and expensive to handle.  They require an experienced attorney who knows how to investigate the cause of the injury and of the product malfunction early in the process.  It is also necessary for the attorney to be able to retain the right technical experts to assist the attorney in investigating the cause of the injury and product malfunction.  Preserving critical information about the product in the early stages of the process is also important.

Product Liability Law Attorney in Richmond, VA 

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a product that you believe is defective in some respect, it is critical that you act immediately to contact a personal injury product liability lawyer who is experienced in product liability litigation.  It is also critical that you act immediately to preserve the product so that it is not altered in any respect following the incident in question, that photographic and video evidence be made of the product as soon as feasible after the incident, that any product packaging, labels, instructions, and other literature be preserved, and that no further use of the product be made.  This will enable your product liability attorney to have the best chance of proving what went wrong with the product.
If you have a situation that you believe may involve a defective or dangerous product, please call us here at The Mottley Law Firm for a free consultation about your matter.
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