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Originally, the community of Laurel, Virginia was named Hungary Station, as it was home to a spur railroad line to the coalfields in western Henrico during the Civil War. Much like the beginnings of Laurel, VA, personal injury attorney Kevin Mottley started his career working on legal cases in relation to railroad systems.

The Mottley Law Firm serves the Laurel community from our office in Henrico’s west end, which is just a short 10-minute drive away. We serve clients who have been injured from the Laurel community and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

More than just our office’s convenient proximity, Kevin Mottley has ties to the Laurel community that date back to when he was a child playing football. He remembers playing for the Blue Star Cowboys and traveling to Laurel to play against the Laurel Panthers, who are now the Hungary Spring Panthers.

The Mottley Law Firm represents a wide range of serious injury victims—including student-athletes who have suffered a TBI as well as car accident victims dealing with serious orthopedic injuries. If you or your loved one have been seriously injured due to another party’s negligence, we’re here to help.

Student-Athlete Brain Injurylaurel VA sports injury attorney | Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

In 2011, the Virginia legislature signed into law the Youth Safety Sports Act which requires schools to create policies for handling concussions in young athletes. Under that law, guidelines have been put in place for educating athletes, coaches, and parents about the dangers of concussions while engaging in contact sports. The law also requires that schools have a system for student-athletes to be screened by a health professional before returning to practice or competing in games.

Student-athletes often suffer from concussions or coup-contrecoup brain injuries when playing contact sports. These injuries can happen as a result of a fall where the athlete hits their head, or when they’re physically struck, such as being tackled. Accidents like these can cause severe damage to the child’s brain just by striking the insides of the child’s skull.

The violent motion of a sports accident can also cause the tearing of surface brain tissue as it is quickly forced to move in different directions. Penetrating brain injuries, where something breaks through the surface of the skull, are less likely to happen during sports events, but enforcing the use of helmets in contact sports helps reduce that risk.

A TBI may cause major disruptions to an adolescent's future but contacting a personal injury attorney with experience handling brain injury cases can help protect their financial recovery.

Orthopedic Injuries in a Laurel, Virginia Car Accident  

Driving through Richmond and its surrounding counties comes with the risk of encountering distracted drivers, drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, or drivers engaged in other negligent behaviors. Unfortunately, these encounters can cause serious injuries to those involved when a car accident occurs.

Orthopedic injuries occur in the musculoskeletal system and can affect your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, or cartilage. If you are a driver or a passenger involved in a car accident, you are at risk of suffering an orthopedic injury, whether you are in a rollover, a T-bone collision, a head-on crash, or any other kind of accident.

One of the most important steps to take after being involved in a crash is to seek proper medical care for your injuries. Even if you aren’t experiencing severe pain at the time, it is important to seek medical care immediately after a crash. There may be some damage or injuries that are not apparent to the naked eye.

Laurel is home to Parham Doctors Hospital, one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals® by Truven Health Analytics® and recognized by Healthgrades as America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery™ and Joint Replacement Awards™. The hospital’s top-rated orthopedic program offers a local treatment option for those who are injured in an accident in or around Laurel, Virginia.

After your immediate medical needs have been addressed, you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney to start building a case against the party responsible for your injuries.

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The Mottley Law Firm’s lawyers are devoted to helping people who have been injured in a car accident, a sports accident, or any other sort of accident or mishap. This includes clients in the Laurel, Virginia area, as well as anywhere else in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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