Slip, trip, and fall cases often arise from the conditions of a property or premises owned by someone else, resulting in someone getting injured. These types of personal injury cases are also referred to as “premises liability” cases or just as “slip and fall,” or “trip and fall” cases Due to the nature of this type of accident, you are likely to sustain a spinal cord injury if you hit your head or neck during the fall. Even when you are paying attention to where you walk, there is still a risk of an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury.
Many slip, trip, and fall accidents happen in retail stores or other commercial properties involving dangerous conditions on the premises.

Dangerous Conditions that cause Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Slippery substances on the floor
  • Defects in the stair design
  • Tripping hazards
  • Falling merchandise
  •  Potholes in the parking lot
  • Workplace equipment being negligently operated by employees
Every slip, trip, and fall is unique and there are many different factors that can make up your spinal cord injury case. Often, spinal cord injuries result in continuous medical care in order to fully recover, or they may cause permanent damage. Consulting with our experienced spinal cord injury attorneys will help you get a better understanding of how slip, trip, and fall cases are handled and what to reasonably expect. 

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Speaking with the right attorney after your slip and fall accident is important, so they can investigate your accident and determine if there are any factors such as contributory negligence which can affect your potential to recover damages. 
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