If you fall due to any of these hazards, your head may strike a sharp object, causing a brain laceration. You could also hit something solid, which can cause the brain to bounce off the side of the skull or lead to cranial nerve damage.  

No matter what kind of blow to the head you sustain in the fall, it is important to take these steps immediately after the accident:

  • Document the scene if possible and gather information from witnesses who saw the fall.
  • Report the accident to the property owner or on-shift manager.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible, both to check for possible internal trauma like a TBI and to establish your injury was caused by the fall.
  • Get in touch with a TBI attorney to discuss the case and determine your next steps.

Why You Need a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer After a Slip and Fall

Your premises liability cases differ from other brain injury accidents like car accidents in that the defendant may not always be immediately apparent. Your accident could have been caused by negligence on the part of the property owner, a store manager, an employee, construction or maintenance crews, cleaning staff, and so on. 

Because of this wide range of possible at-fault parties, working with an experienced personal injury lawyer with knowledge of slip and fall cases is critical to protecting your legal rights. For a successful case, the negligent party must have been aware of the problem that led to the fall and failed to resolve it in a timely fashion. Proving that requires a skilled personal injury attorney to investigate the accident, find who specifically is at-fault, and gather evidence to show your injury was caused by negligence.

A TBI Richmond personal injury attorney can additionally handle communication with insurance carriers to avoid common tactics for reducing your claim and get you a full settlement covering all your economic and non-economic damages. If that isn’t a viable option, an attorney may determine the best course of action is to take the at-fault party directly to court to recover compensation.

Damages from a Traumatic Brain Injury May Include:

  • Loss of wages if you couldn’t work while in the hospital, missed a promotion while recovering, or are unable to find new work after the accident.
  • Medical bills from the initial accident and emergency room visit.
  • Ongoing medical costs required for surgeries, medications, physical or language therapies, etc.
  • Out of pocket costs.
  • Pain and suffering from intangible effects like PTSD, emotional outbursts, cognitive issues, sensory changes, inability to sleep, frequent dizziness, and so on caused by the TBI.
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