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The thought of going up against a well-financed insurance company in court to obtain compensation for a brain injury is overwhelming and daunting, even for lawyers. Many questions exist for the potential plaintiff. Do I have a case? Does enough medical evidence exist to prove that something is wrong with my brain? How am I going to show that the accident caused my brain injury? And the list goes on and on.

The truth is that not every case involving a possible brain injury should be filed in court. Certain questions are so important that the answers to them determine whether any case should be filed at all. As a brain injury victim or a family member of a brain injury victim, you may have had lawyers rushing to sign you up as a client. It is important not to rush to any decisions, even about hiring a lawyer. The better approach is to take action to get your questions answered, and then make educated decisions about how and whether to proceed with hiring a lawyer or filing a case.

BRAIN CASE is written to give you a simple, straightforward guide to the really important questions to ask and answer before hiring a lawyer and pursuing a court case involving a brain injury. This guide steers the conversation toward the most important questions to answer before coming to the place in your journey where you feel that legal action must be taken.

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