What Benefit Does This Focus Give My Clients?
Several, I believe.

First, by its very nature, my practice demands that I spend my days in deep learning about the nuances of traumatic brain injury.  This includes staying abreast of the latest developments in brain injury medicine and staying in close contact with the medical experts in the field.  Focusing on one type of injury gives me the luxury of doing that.

Second, because I am constantly litigating traumatic brain injury cases, my foundational knowledge of how to litigate these cases – and my relationships with the experts in the field – grows deeper and richer with each passing day.

Third, my experience in seeing a multitude of these cases from start to finish has allowed me to develop internal systems here at my law firm (The Mottley Law Firm Brain Injury Litigation System) that are specifically geared towards building winning traumatic brain injury cases from the ground up.  Again, with each passing case, these systems grow deeper and more sophisticated.

In addition to the case-building systems I have developed, I have also built systems for referring lawyers.  Referring lawyers, like you, are VIPs here at The Mottley Law Firm.  I, too, am a referring lawyer.  I continue to refer cases out when they do not fit within what I do here.  When I refer a case, my biggest concern is not obtaining a referral fee.  My biggest concern is getting the client to a trusted lawyer who will handle the client’s case properly and make me look good in the process.  

Although my main concerns when I have referred cases is not the referral fee or the details of the case’s handling after I have referred it, I have often been surprised by the lack of informational feedback I receive from the lawyer to whom I referred the case.  It’s like the case just goes into a black hole, never to be heard from again until my share of the fee shows up.

To keep that from happening in my firm, I have developed a system to provide referring lawyers with peace of mind.