Our Story

Virginia trial attorney Kevin Mottley started The Mottley Law Firm on March 1, 2009. Kevin had spent the first decade of his career working in a large AmLaw 100 law firm representing large corporations in complex litigation, and had become a partner there. Although Kevin enjoyed the people and his work, he always envisioned creating a law firm of his own ― a law firm that would give him an opportunity to help people who needed excellent legal representation in court. He wanted to help people. He wanted to make a difference in their lives. He wanted to look back on his career and say he built something of his own.

Kevin's entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to help people formed the genesis of The Mottley Law Firm. But those were not the only ingredients that went into the firm's founding in 2009. Kevin loves people, and he loves learning their life story. He views his clients as members of his family. He takes pride in telling a person's story better than anyone else in the courtroom. When it comes to trying cases, that is an enormous advantage. He relishes the "David vs. Goliath" case, in which the odds are difficult and the stakes are high. He is also an avid student and life-long learner of courtroom trial skills and strategy. Trying cases the right way is becoming more of a lost art in our legal profession. Kevin wanted to build a firm where the opportunity to use his natural advocacy skills in court would be enhanced.

With these goals in mind, Kevin started the firm in a small two room office that he borrowed, rent-free, from his cousin. He had one client, one case, a lap top computer, a printer, and his mother serving as his secretary. His goal was to methodically build the firm from those humble beginnings into a firm that is known for successfully helping individuals in large, high-stakes cases. 

Looking back a decade later, the firm has a track record of doing just that. Most recently, and according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly, The Mottley Law Firm achieved a top five settlement in Virginia in 2022 ($5 million), a top twenty settlement in 2021 ($1.8 million), a top five settlement in 2019 ($6.5 million), a top twenty settlement in Virginia in 2019 ($2.5 million), and a top five settlement in Virginia in 2017 ($8 million). (You can read about each of those cases as well as many others on our Case Results page.) Since the firm's founding, we have collected more than $25 million in total settlements and verdicts for our catastrophic injury clients. In addition to our brain injury and catastrophic injury practice, we have also been involved in numerous noteworthy business litigation and estate litigation cases. Although the practice has in recent years focused a larger portion of its caseload on handling catastrophic injury cases, like brain injury and spinal cord injury cases, Kevin still accepts business litigation cases and always has a few of them pending at any given time.

What Types Of Cases Do We Handle?

Our firm is very selective in its caseload and is intentional about handling only a small number of hand-selected cases at a time. We seek big cases that will produce big results. Most of our cases are referred to us by other lawyers. We are not interested in running tacky television ads or getting as many small cases in the door as we possibly can. That is not what we are about. We want fewer cases, but we want high quality cases. Having fewer cases permits us to give a lot of attention to the details of each individual client and case.  Our approach leads to satisfied clients and excellent results. 

We handle the following types of cases:

Brain Injury Cases

We represent individuals who have suffered a brain injury, including cases involving concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”). These injuries typically result from some sort of accident in which the client's brain has been damaged, such as a slip and fall, a car accident, or an accident involving a workplace incident. When a person has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to another person or company being negligent, we get involved to obtain compensation for the traumatic brain injury victim so that they can deal with the life-changing effects of the injury.

Other Serious Personal Injury Cases

We also represent individuals who have suffered from other serious injuries, such as those involving spinal cord injuries, broken bones, burns, and other serious life-altering injuries, as well as wrongful death.

Family Estate Disputes

We represent individuals who are concerned about the mishandling of a decedent's estate and affairs. These cases include will contests and disputes over the handling of family trusts.

Business Disputes

We have a long history of representing businesses and business people in a wide variety of business disputes and litigation. These cases include partnership and shareholder disputes, tortious interference cases, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty cases, conspiracy cases, and garden-variety breach of contract situations. We also handle cases for select business clients that involve claims against insurance companies. For example, we are currently representing a medical practice against one of the nation's largest health insurance companies arising from the insurer's wrongful reduction of reimbursements for medical services provided to workers' compensation claimants in approximately 1,300 claims. 


Our firm represents individuals and businesses who have an appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

We are proud of our online reviews and the Testimonials on this website, which consistently speak to the quality of our work and how passionate we are about our clients’ cases.

We are also proud of our Case Results.

Lawyer Referral Partners

If you are a lawyer and would like to refer a case to us in one of our practice areas, please call us directly at (804) 409-0876 or go to the Referral Program area of our website, where you can complete the contact form located at the bottom of the page to have someone contact you about the case you are attempting to refer to us. You can also use the live chat feature on this website, if you would like.

Personal Injury Clients

If you (or a loved one) have been injured and you are seeking representation for yourself or someone close to you, here is how to contact us and here is what to expect.

To contact us right now for a free consultation, you can either call us at (804) 409-0876, fill out one of the contact forms on this website, or simply start “chatting” with one of our representatives by using the live chat feature on this website. Each of these methods will result in one of our representatives calling you directly within 24 hours to set up an initial consultation. Sometimes, you will receive a return phone call the same day.

If you call us on the telephone or use the live chat feature on this website, you will initially speak with a very nice receptionist. The receptionist’s job is to: (1) take down your name and contact information, (2) find out a little bit of information about your legal matter and how you were hurt, and (3) let one of the attorneys know that you’ve called, so that they can call you back. After that, you will either receive a phone call from one of the attorneys or you will get a return call from our receptionist, who will try to schedule a specific time for you to speak with an attorney. Please do not expect to speak with a lawyer immediately when you call for the first time. Our attorneys have very demanding schedules. They set aside specific times during our workday to speak with new clients. For this reason, they typically do not accept unscheduled calls. This ensures that we have enough time to get work done on our other clients’ cases. We do this out of respect for your time, our time, and our clients’ cases.

If you are not quite ready to contact us yet, and you are just “shopping around” for potential legal representation, please make yourself at home on this website and read everything you can to learn about us. We have information for you that is completely free that can help you through the decision-making process. This includes the attorney bio pages, the Practice Area pages, our Case Results, and the Help Center on this website, where we have numerous articles, blog posts, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your type of case.

For basic information about how we decide if a client has a valuable personal injury case, you should download a copy of our free report, Nuts and Bolts: The Key Steps to a Personal Injury Case You Need to Understand.

If your injuries involve a brain injury, you should order a copy of our free book, Brain Case: The BIG 5 Questions to Answer Before Filing Your Brain Injury Case.

As you are deciding upon legal representation, please keep in mind that a deadline called a “statute of limitation” applies to your legal matter. A statute of limitation is a deadline by which a person must file a lawsuit. If the person fails to file the lawsuit by the deadline, the lawsuit will probably be dismissed by the court and the person will never recover any compensation. For this reason, although we encourage you to shop around for legal representation and to “do your homework,” we also encourage you to call a lawyer as soon as practical to ensure that your legal rights are not lost.

What happens after the initial call?

Based on our initial call with you, we will decide if we may be willing to handle your case from the information you provide to us. We will then start the process of gathering information to help us investigate and evaluate your case. The type of information we gather includes the following:

  • medical records
  • medical bills
  • police crash reports
  • automobile repair records
  • information about the scene of the injury
  • photographs of the injuries you suffered and the scene of the injury
  • statements that you have made about the accident or your injuries
  • statements from witnesses, such as investigating police officers and other witnesses, about the accident and your injuries
  • your social media content, such as postings you’ve made about your injuries or the accident on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • publicly available information about the person or company who hurt you

We will ask you to bring any of the above information that you have with you to our initial meeting. Whether you hire us or not, it is incredibly important that you preserve any information about your injuries or the accident, including any of the information listed above. If you fail to preserve such information, this could harm your case.

How do we get paid in personal injury cases?

In personal injury cases that we agree to handle, we get paid based on our results. Our fee is a “contingency fee” that is equal to a percentage of the recovery we obtain for you. It is paid to us from the recovery. This means that, if you do not recover compensation for your injuries, we do not get paid.

Are you looking for a lawyer to handle a family estate dispute or a business dispute?

We handle those cases as well. If you have one of these matters, use one of the ways mentioned above to contact us: either by phone at (804) 409-0876, by using the live chat feature on this website, or by completing one of the contact forms on this website.

Please note that, in these cases, our fees are typically charged by the hour. The firm’s standard hourly billable rates apply. We typically do not handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. However, we have made exceptions to this in certain cases, so it is best to contact us to discuss your matter.

If your matter is a family estate dispute/situation, we offer initial one-hour consultations for a flat fee due and payable in advance of the initial consultation. We do not offer free consultations in these cases.

Thank you for your interest in The Mottley Law Firm.