When a person who is not a party to a contract intentionally “interferes” with its performance, the situation may rise to the level of an intentional tort called tortious interference with contract.  (A “tort” is a wrongful act or infringement of a right, other than a breach of contract, leading to civil legal liability.)

A tortious interference with contract occurs when the following elements are found in a case: (1) there was a valid contractual relationship in existence between the plaintiff and another party, (2) the defendant knew about the contract, (3) the defendant intentionally caused one of the other parties to the contract (not the plaintiff) to breach or terminate the contract, and (4) resulting in damage to the plaintiff from the breach or termination.  When these ingredients are present, a party may have a claim for tortious interference with contract under Virginia law.  

Tortious interference with contract cases are tough cases to win and are often very complex.  If you believe that you, or your business, have been the victim of someone interfering with one of your contractual relationships, you owe it to yourself to consult with an experienced attorney in this area of the law.  

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