Spinal Cord Injuries Following A Virginia Car Accident

Any experienced Virginia car accident lawyer understands that spinal cord injuries are serious, life-altering injuries that are often sustained as a result of car accidents caused by another driver’s negligent behavior. Whether the other driver was driving under the influence, distracted while driving, failed to yield, or engaged in other negligent driving behaviors, you could now be facing overwhelming medical bills and other financial damages as a result. 

Spinal cord injury victims often need ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation to assist in recovery depending on the severity of the injury. Permanent damages such as paralysis, loss of strength, or loss of feeling due to the damage done to the spinal cord affect the daily aspects of your life. This injury may require time-consuming and expensive rehabilitation efforts, or costly adaptive equipment like a walker or wheelchair.

Our Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Provides Legal Help To Injury Victims

Recovering from a car accident injury is hard enough, you need someone by your side to help you fight to recover the damages you’ve incurred. Our Richmond Personal Injury Attorney, Kevin Mottley, has experience helping clients who have suffered from a wide variety of car accident injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence.


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