A “breach of contract” is a broken promise.  Someone has promised to do something, and they’ve broken that promise.  By doing so, they have harmed (or damaged) someone else.

At The Mottley Law Firm, we have many years of experience representing people and businesses in cases involving broken promises, or breaches of contracts.  These cases arise in all sorts of situations.  The contract may be an oral contract or verbal agreement.  It may be a more sophisticated agreement, like a lengthy construction contract or software licensing agreement.  It may involve real estate.  Whatever the complexity of the contract, our attorneys have experience representing clients in these cases.

We believe the best way to resolve business disputes is out of court.  Money is better spent trying to negotiate a fair and reasonable solution between the parties than going to court.  But when going to court is the only option, we are experienced at that, too.  Our founder, Kevin Mottley, began his career as a business litigation partner at an AmLaw 100 corporate law firm, where he gained expertise in counseling businesses and businesspersons in complex business disputes of all kinds.

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