Whether you’re a parent, a coach, or an athlete, you are more than likely of the risks that come with playing sports, especially high-impact sports. In recent years, we have become more aware of the toll these high-impact sports can take on an athlete’s body and their spinal cord. High-impact sports can range anywhere from football to soccer and swimming, and they can be equally as dangerous. Whether your child suffers a spinal cord injury from a bad tackle or hits their head in a pool during a swim meet, you should be aware of your legal options resulting from that injury.

There are a few ways we can protect our children from suffering serious spinal cord injuries while playing sports such as properly fitting helmets or teaching techniques to avoid catastrophic injuries. These methods don’t always prevent spinal cord injuries from happening, so it is also important to be prepared to seek proper medical care after a potentially dangerous blow to the head or neck.

Sports-induced spinal cord injuries can also be a result of someone else’s negligence and it’s possible something could have been done to prevent it. It’s easy to assume that you or your child doesn’t have a claim for damages for their sports injury. Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney to investigate your child’s injury could be imperative to recover losses stemming from sports-related injuries. It puts a lot of stress on parents, worrying about future medical expenses and their child’s overall health and quality of life after suffering a spinal cord injury.

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