In this free report, learn the basic issues and questions that arise in any personal injury case in Virginia, and what the answers to those questions mean for your personal injury case.

Nuts and Bolts: The Key Steps to a Personal Injury Case

By obtaining this free report, you will understand the answers to the top 5 questions we receive from our clients and callers who have experienced a personal injury.  Such questions as "do I have a good case?" are answered.  Other questions include: Do I have to talk to the other side's insurance company?  How much is my case worth?  What will it cost me to hire an attorney?  Do I have to file a lawsuit and go to court to obtain a settlement?

In addition, we have thrown in some answers to some other questions that many people involved in a personal injury situation do not ask, but should.  These include questions such as: what type of attorney is best for my case?  What can I do right now to make my case stronger?  What should I do about posting things to social media about how I am doing?

Finally, by reviewing this guide, you will also understand the process of handling a personal injury claim from start to finish, so you know a little more about what to expect.

Thank you for your interest in The Mottley Law Firm, and I hope you find this free report beneficial.


Kevin W. Mottley, The Mottley Law Firm PLC




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