This is the inaugural entry of The Mottley Law Firm's new blog -- The Virginia Trial Lawyers' Guide to Fine Dining! In our many years of traveling the Commonwealth of Virginia (and elsewhere), we have had the opportunity to visit many fine eateries and watering holes. Sometimes, it's a quick breakfast before running off to court or a hurried sandwich during a court recess at lunch. Other times, it's a fine meal with a colleague or client at the end of a hard day in court, when we have an opportunity to laugh (or cry) about the day's events!

One day, as we sat in a small diner in New Kent County, Virginia, we started talking about how we had essentially become restaurant critics. We realized that, in our various adventures as trial lawyers, we had developed an encyclopedic knowledge of many dining establishments around our fine Commonwealth. And we also thought it would be a real shame not to share that  knowledge with the world! So, if you are a trial lawyer heading to Halifax, Virginia and you don't know where to eat lunch, stay tuned. We'll tell you. And, if you are in Arlington, Virginia and are overwhelmed with the choices. We'll outline your options for that as well.

Our first entry is one of my favorites.

Whenever I have a case in the City of Hampton, Virginia, or whenever I am traveling in the vicinity of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (the “HRBT”), I make a point of stopping at El Diablo Loco Cantina & Tequila Bar for dinner or lunch.

virginia lawyers guide to fine dining     Located in downtown Phoebus, in the City of Hampton, El Diablo is terrific for a busy trial attorney because a) it is fast, b) it is very good, and c) the bar is excellent if you are staying locally and want to kick back and relax a bit with a cold beer or other libation.

As for the food, El Diablo specializes in gourmet tacos. But the menu also has a wonderful array of other creative takes on Mexican cuisine. In the taco department, which is where I usually shop, I have my favorites. They include the Pollo (fried chicken), the Gringo (ground beef), and the Camaron (blackened shrimp). Although I’m not a tequila guy myself, if you are, you will have 61 different tequilas from which to choose, at last count. And the bar always has several local craft brews on tap, in addition to some other more familiar brands.

Next time you’re stuck in HRBT traffic on I-64 in Hampton, take exit 268 and pay a visit to El Diablo Loco. You will not regret it!

Quick Facts

Nearest Circuit Court: Circuit Court of the City of Hampton, Virginia

Virginia Judicial Circuit: 8th Judicial District



Instagram: @eldiabloloco_va

Address: 6 E. Mellen Street, Hampton, VA 23663

Hours: check the website (open for lunch and dinner)

Distance to Courthouse: 2.0 miles, 8 minutes


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