What Does A Commissioner Of Accounts Do?

The most basic duty of a Commissioner of Accounts is to review and approve (or refuse to approve, require revisions to, etc.) inventories and accounts filed by fiduciaries under their supervision.  Virginia law requires that fiduciaries file accounts with the Commissioner of Accounts at regular intervals.  It is the Commissioner of Accounts' job to review a fiduciary's account and ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to do, for the protection of both beneficiaries and creditors.  If a fiduciary fails to file a timely inventory or account, the Commissioner of Accounts may take action against them.  Usually, that begins with a letter reminding the fiduciary to fulfill their duties, but for seriously delinquent fiduciaries, it can ultimately result in a referral to the circuit court and proceedings to determine whether the fiduciary should be held in contempt.

The accounting process usually proceeds without controversy.  However, Virginia law allows interested persons to initiate an adversarial proceeding before the Commissioner of Accounts by objecting to a fiduciary's account or insisting that something be done.  When that happens, the Commissioner of Accounts will usually conduct a hearing to address the interested party's concerns.

When a Commissioner of Accounts is finished reviewing a fiduciary's account, he must report the account to the circuit court and provide notice of that filing to certain interested parties.  Those parties then have 15 days to file "exceptions" to the Commissioner's report, in which case the circuit court will review the matter.  If no exceptions are filed within the 15-day period, the Commissioner's report is automatically confirmed.  

Virginia law also gives Commissioners of Accounts authority to conduct other adversarial proceedings.  For example, Commissioners of Accounts may hear evidence of debts and demands claimed by creditors against a decedent's estate.  Commissioners of Accounts may also conduct proceedings to determine whether a fiduciary's bond is adequate or whether a fiduciary should be removed because of their incapacity or misconduct.

Hire Our Virginia Estate Dispute Attorneys To Represent You Before The Commissioner Of Accounts

Compared to being in court, proceedings before a Commissioner of Accounts can seem relatively informal.  However, an adversarial proceeding before a Commissioner of Accounts should not be taken lightly.

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