Common Ways to Cover Medical Costs After a Virginia Car Accident

To handle the often-astronomical costs of care following a wreck, here are the most common methods.

Car insurance

Either your plan (if you have full coverage) or the policy of the other driver (if that person was at-fault) may end up paying all or a portion of your medical bills.

Health insurance

You’ll likely need to tap this insurance source first if you need immediate medical treatment that can’t wait until the other driver is found liable for your injuries. If you’re uninsured or your policy doesn’t cover the full cost, you may be able to work out a payment plan or price reduction directly with the hospital.


If you selected the optional medical payments coverage on your automobile insurance policy (often referred to as medpay), anyone in the vehicle is covered for medical costs up to a specific cap. Crucially, medpay kicks in no matter who’s found at fault for the wreck, which can be a monetary lifesaver.

Settlement or judgment in a personal injury lawsuit

An attorney can fully investigate the accident to determine the liable party and then prove that person or entity caused your injury through negligence. Then, you can hold the at-fault party responsible by directly pursuing financial recovery in a lawsuit.

Even if a lawsuit isn’t required, the simple act of retaining an experienced Virginia car accident lawyer makes it significantly more likely an insurer provides the full compensation you’re owed. A lawyer alleviates some of the stress of the situation by handling negotiations and making sure all your damages, including medical costs, are properly considered in any settlement. 

However, vehicle insurance policies often have caps on health care coverage. Depending on the severity of your injury and how it altered your life, your actual damages may be higher than your plan’s cap. In this case, it’s essential to seek legal advice from a Virginia car accident lawyer who can outline your rights to a personal injury lawsuit.

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