Determining liability for multi-car accidents is difficult. | Virginia Car Accident LawyerNearly any type of car crash can result in numerous debilitating injuries, from spinal injury to a traumatic brain injury. While finding fault is relatively simple when a crash is caused by a single person, such as a distracted truck driver, the situation becomes more complicated when multiple vehicles are involved.

The person who directly hit you may not have been at fault, as they may have been hit by someone else first. In these cases, an attorney with experience determining fault in complicated car crashes can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Determining Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Aside from chain-reaction crashes, where the first collision causes other vehicles to crash into each other, numerous other scenarios may involve multiple vehicles. These are some of the most common causes of crashes with more than one car:

  • Distracted driver following too closely
  • Driving at unsafe speeds
  • Failing to stop at a light or follow other traffic laws 
  • Medically unfit drivers employed by trucking companies
  • Purposeful road rage

Your best chance to determine which driver in the line of collisions is at fault—and to hold them accountable for your injury, property damage, or loss of income—is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney. 

Besides negligent drivers seeking to avoid responsibility for your injury, keep in mind it is the insurance adjuster’s job to place the blame elsewhere to avoid a payout. While it can protect you in times of crisis, your own insurance company doesn’t always have your best interests in mind.

You need an attorney who can negotiate with all involved insurance companies on your behalf, as well as gather evidence to validate your claim by:

  • Analyzing police reports
  • Interviewing witnesses and other drivers
  • Gathering medical documents
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