And now for the second installment of The Mottley Law Firm's blog -- The Virginia Trial Lawyer's Guide to Fine Dining, where we bring you restaurant recommendations drawn from our experiences trying cases throughout the Commonwealth.  Today, we're featuring one of our inside-the-beltway favorites, Enjera Restaurant.

Enjera | The Mottley Law FirmLocated on 23rd Street in downtown Crystal City, Enjera serves up some of the best Ethiopian and Eritrean food in the entire Commonwealth. 

The great thing about Enjera, from a trial lawyer’s perspective, is that it’s equidistant from the Arlington and Alexandria courthouses.  Heading there from Arlington?  Just take a short ride south on Washington Boulevard.  Coming from Alexandria? Take a short ride north on Route 1.  Either way, Enjera is a convenient place to stop for a post-hearing lunch break.

If you go to Enjera, go hungry, because they serve up big portions of Ethiopian and Eritrean classics like kitfo (ground beef in seasoned butter and spices), awaze tibs (tender beef in awaze sauce, onions, rosemary, tomato, and jalapeno), and zigni derho (slow-cooked chicken and boiled eggs in a spicy sauce). 

Whatever you get (personally, I’m partial towards the awaze tibs), it’ll be served with plenty of enjera bread.  The restaurant’s namesake, enjera is a soft flatbread made of teff flour that is ubiquitous in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.  Traditionally, enjera is not only eaten, it’s also used as the eating utensil.  Just tear off small pieces of bread and use them to scoop up every delicious bit of meat, vegetables, and sauce on your plate.  But if you’re not into eating with your hands, they’re always happy to give you a fork and knife!

Quick Facts

Nearest Circuit Courts: Circuit Court of the County of Arlington, Virginia; Circuit Court of the City of Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia Judicial Circuits: 17th and 18th Judicial Circuits



Instagram: @enjera_restaurant

Address: 549 23rd Street South, Arlington, Virginia 22202

Hours: Sat.-Thurs.: 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri.: 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

Distance to Courthouses: 3.8 miles, 10 minutes

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