Lost income is a vital part of a brain injury settlement.Negligent behavior can change your life forever if you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a slip and fall or car accident. Getting back on your feet after such an accident means taking into account both physical and economic recovery. While medical costs are an important factor to keep in mind, your income itself is just as important. Your regularly monthly bills will still keep arriving even if you can’t earn a wage while recovering, 

How Lost Income Is Calculated in a TBI Case

An insurance settlement or court judgment after a TBI can cover lost wages if you have to work part-time or can’t return to work in any capacity after the accident. In some instances, this amount may be a simple calculation of the number of hours missed multiplied by your hourly wage. Other cases may become more complex, however, such as if you end up having to take a lower-paying job or get passed over for a promotion. 

Here’s what is specifically included in lost wage calculations: 

  • Self-employment income if you work from home or run your own business
  • Full hourly or salaried wage if you can’t work at all
  • The difference between your previous wage and current wage if you have to work fewer hours or take a pay cut at a new job
  • Lost benefits, like sick and vacation days
  • Missed bonuses or other perks you would have received
  • Additional economic damages from lost future employment opportunities

It's fairly simple for your attorney to use pay stubs and employment records to calculate lost wages for days spent in the hospital recovering. Because traumatic brain injuries often have long-term repercussions, however, your legal team may need to go a step further to arrive at a full accounting of your future wages. Physicians, economic experts, and other witnesses might be utilized to show the full extent of your economic losses.

If You Suffered a TBI, You Need an Experienced Attorney

We want the opportunity to fight for your full recovery, and that includes lost income while you deal with the physical and emotional changes caused by a traumatic brain injury. Call or message us today to let us know the basic details of your case.