Survivors of industrial workplace accidents often face an uphill battle when seeking compensation for personal injury damages. Having an accomplished attorney in your corner is crucial to your financial recovery. Without the specialized knowledge required for this sort of injury case, it’s all too easy for an accident victim to get lost in the complex maze of legal rules and insurance policies.Chester VA industrial accident injury lawyer | Virginia Workplace Injury Lawyer

Common Chester, Virginia, Workplace Accident Injuries

Heavy industrial work is part of the backbone of the local Chester economy, but it’s also a cause of significant injuries when companies fail to keep people safe. Catastrophic injuries often occur if employers or third parties in the industrial sector don’t correctly store dangerous chemicals, repair heavy equipment, provide thorough employee training, and other notable violations. In the Chester and greater Richmond area, workplace accidents leading to severe injury or death may happen at: 

  • Commercial fishing operations
  • Construction contracting companies
  • Energy companies
  • Gas providers
  • Industrial lumber mills and logging operations
  • Landfills
  • Packaging producers
  • Manufacturing plants for heavy construction equipment, industrial fabrics, etc.
  • Steelworks 

A specific act of negligence is a significant contributing factor to certain types of accidents at the work place. The type of industrial zone where the incident happened is another primary cause. For example, you can expect different injuries in a slip and fall incident because floors weren’t cleaned compared to an accident involving chemicals in the work place.

In workplace accidents, victims may end up suffering wounds like: 

  • Amputation
  • Back injuries
  • Blunt force trauma 
  • Bone fractures (such as compound, hairline, transverse, and so on)
  • Burns
  • Chemical and dangerous gas-related injuries
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Crushed body part
  • Cuts, lacerations, and scrapes
  • Electrocution 
  • Eye damage
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Spinal cord harm
  • Traumatic brain injury (mild, moderate, or severe)

Additionally, if negligence caused an workplace accident that resulted in the wrongful death of a loved one, this is grounds for a family member to file a lawsuit to seek justifiable compensation.  

If you or someone you love suffered any of these injuries, the best time to call an attorney is as soon as possible after the accident. The initial consultation doesn’t cost you anything, and it provides the foundation for determining the scope of your case and how to pursue rightful compensation.  

Why You Need a Chester Attorney After a Workplace Accident

Because many workplace accident injuries are serious, they profoundly impact you and your family. Losing income because you can’t return to work while simultaneously accruing massive medical debt isn’t sustainable. That can snowball into an enormous problem if you’re a main source of income for your household.

The good news is that an attorney can fight for your rights to receive fair compensation covering medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the accident. Here are the primary ways a skilled lawyer specifically helps you after a Virginia workjplace injury:

  • Explains the process of recovering damages, from dealing with insurance to filing a personal injury lawsuit within Virginia’s statute of limitations on industrial cases
  • Gathers and analyzes evidence needed to complete your claim successfully
  • Identifies the specific party that behaved negligently and caused the workplace accident.  This may be a company, a third party involved at a work site, someone driving a company vehicle, or a different entity altogether. 
  • Protects you from common underhanded tactics insurance adjusters use to reduce or even deny your claim.
  • Stands up for your legal rights against large industrial companies which often aren’t inclined to pay what you’re truly owed.
  • Understands what sources are available for covering medical costs and helps navigate that aspect of the insurance process.
  • Assigns value to your specific damages and fights for the full amount you deserve.
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