Why You Need a Virginia Workplace Accident Lawyer

Because many workplace accident injuries are serious, they profoundly impact you and your family. Losing income because you can’t return to work while simultaneously accruing massive medical debt isn’t sustainable. That can snowball into an enormous problem if you’re a main source of income for your household.

The good news is that a Virginia work injury attorney can fight for your rights to receive fair compensation covering medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the accident. Here are the primary ways a skilled lawyer specifically helps you after a Virginia workplace injury:

  • Explains the process of recovering damages, from dealing with insurance to filing a personal injury lawsuit within Virginia’s statute of limitations on industrial cases
  • Gathers and analyzes evidence needed to complete your claim successfully
  • Identifies the specific party that behaved negligently and caused the workplace accident.  This may be a company, a third party involved at a work site, someone driving a company vehicle, or a different entity altogether. 
  • Protects you from common underhanded tactics insurance adjusters use to reduce or even deny your claim.
  • Stands up for your legal rights against large industrial companies which often aren’t inclined to pay what you’re truly owed.
  • Understands what sources are available for covering medical costs and helps navigate that aspect of the insurance process.
  • Assigns value to your specific damages and fights for the full amount you deserve.
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