Financial Repercussions of Failing to Contact an Attorney Quickly

Deciding to hire a Richmond brain injury attorney is more than just a matter of upfront costs or contingency fees. Virginia has a statute of limitations on personal injury cases, which means you are limited in the timeframe to pursue compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering. If you wait too long to act, your ability to hold the negligent party responsible for your injury can be lost. 

Besides filing paperwork within deadlines ahead of the statute of limitations, an attorney’s help is crucial in avoiding common mistakes. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for TBI victims to fall prey to insurance tactics that can prevent them from fully recovering financially. An attorney can assist by handling communications with insurers to make sure they only receive the medical information they need. 

A skilled lawyer can also help by finding the best source of recovering damages, which may not always be the person or company you expect. Depending on how your injury occurred and who is ultimately responsible, there could potentially be additional sources of compensation to consider. 

Besides their role in thoroughly investigating the accident and dealing with insurance, you want an attorney who is capable of effectively telling your story in court. The Mottley Law Firm has a long history of successfully standing up for victims after catastrophic accidents. We take a limited number of cases each year so we can focus on each individual client’s needs and provide the specialized help necessary for your unique situation. 

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