We Can Guide You How to Deal With Insurance Tricks

By using photos culled from social media or twisting your words to partially admit fault, an insurer can deny your claim or pay you less than you are owed. Thankfully, there are ways to counter these tricks and make it more likely to get the settlement you actually deserve. Here’s what you need to do:

  • See a doctor immediately after the accident to establish your injuries
  • Retain the services of a skilled personal injury attorney
  • Don’t agree to a recorded statement with your insurance adjuster
  • Have your attorney negotiate medical record releases
  • Set your social media profiles to private or friends-only
  • Don’t post new photos, and don’t discuss the case in any way on social media

When dealing with insurance after an injury, it's better to refer most communications to your attorney, and only provide the basic information of when and where the accident occurred. Your legal representation can handle the case from there and work to get you the compensation you need.


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