Protecting Your Legal Rights After an Accident in the Chester area

An injury attorney is an essential ally to safeguard your legal rights, whether you slipped and fell at the Villages At Longmeadow or were hit by a negligent driver at Bermuda Square. The simple act of retaining legal counsel often spurs insurance to take your case more seriously. 

This isn’t the only benefit of having a personal injury lawyer in your corner, though. Depending on the specifics of your accident, an attorney may also:

  • Ask for details from eyewitnesses that could be critical to your financial recovery.
  • Gather additional evidence to bolster your claim, such as employee records, expert testimony, healthcare information, video footage, and so on.
  • Identify the specific act of negligence that caused the injury and the liable party who offers a good source of financial recovery.
  • Offer advice on how to avoid frequent problems that interfere with your financial recovery, such as unrestrained social media usage.
  • Present your case in court effectively if a settlement can’t be reached before trial.
  • Send demand letters to preserve evidence.
  • Take the pressure off by focusing on the legal side of the situation while you focus on your physical recovery. 
  • Talk to insurance adjusters on your behalf to protect you from common tactics to reduce compensation in a claim. The insurance negotiation process isn’t something you want to approach on your own without a legal representative.
  • Value your damages from the injury.

Placing a specific value on your damages following an accident is a significant aspect of the recovery process. You want to make absolutely sure all of your costs are adequately reflected in your compensation. With the help of an experienced attorney, accident survivors can potentially seek compensation like:

  • Losses covering missed paychecks during the recovery period 
  • Lost employment perks, such as bonuses, PTO, or monetary raises you missed 
  • Lost future earning potential for accidents resulting in long-term disability
  • Medical costs (including ambulance transportation, ER visit, in-patient hospital stay, surgeries, therapy, etc.)
  • Non-economic damages, such as embarrassment from disfigurement, chronic pain, emotional suffering, and so on.
  • Property damage if your vehicle or home were impacted by the accident
  • Wrongful death in situations where a loved one passed away from injuries sustained in the accident
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