Have you suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a car accident or slip and fall accident? If so, it is important that you know how insurance adjusters view your case so that you can be prepared to fight back.

Insurance companies and their attorneys typically don’t settle mild traumatic brain injury cases in Virginia for two reasons, including:

  1. They don’t believe the injury exists, or they feel that the injury did exist but doesn’t anymore.
  2. They don’t feel the victim is entitled to compensation for future treatment.

When insurance companies and their lawyers don’t want to settle a brain injury case for what it’s worth, the Mottley Law Firm will take your injury case to court to have a jury resolve your situation.

For an experienced trial attorney who knows how to present your case to a jury in order to get you the best case results possible, call attorney Kevin Mottley. You will receive a free case consultation just by calling our law firm today at 804.930.1022 or contacting us online at

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