Protect Your Legal Rights to Damage Recovery

Follow these steps to help validate your claim against the insurance company’s surveillance tactics.

Listen to Your Doctor

Even if you feel your injuries are minor, always see a doctor after a car accident. But simply seeing the doctor for an initial diagnosis isn’t enough. Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders. If they say to avoid lifting heavy weights, don’t engage in construction projects. If they say you shouldn’t bend over, don’t work on your garden. They may recommend physiotherapy and other treatments. Go to all your appointments and prove you’re serious about healing your injuries.

In processing your claim, insurers may have access to your medical records related to the accident. If your activity counters any medical advice, they may have grounds to deny your claim.

Limit Social Media Activity

As posting on social platforms can undermine your claim, limit your online presence. Posting online is a common mistake to avoid after car accidents. Don’t give an adjuster any reason to use against you and your claim. These posts can be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or taken out of context.

Ask Friends and Family to Keep Quiet

Even if you don’t post about your injuries online, people around you might. Politely ask them not to talk about you or your activities. Also ask them not to tag you in photos, especially ones that may show you engaging in activities that could derail your personal injury claim.

Call a Richmond Car Insurance Lawyer

The single best action to protect your legal rights is to hire an experienced Richmond car insurance lawyer at The Mottley Law Firm. Our team will help you understand the legal complexities of personal injury cases, including what aspects of insurance company surveillance may be allowed and, more importantly, which are an invasion of your rights. For example, an investigator may be able to watch you outside your home, but they cannot step on your property. When insurers know you’ve retained the legal services of an attorney, they’re less likely to overstep their bounds.

In your free consultation, we can explain what steps we'll take to protect your rights to the fullest while securing the compensation you deserve.

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