What Factors Impact Fall Settlement Amounts

There are numerous considerations that determine the value of slip and fall cases in the Old Dominion state. Here are a few examples.

Severity of Injuries 

The severity of your injuries is the most important factor in determining slip, trip, and fall damages. Compared to minor bumps and bruises, serious injuries: 

  • Cost more to treat
  • Take longer to heal
  • Are more likely to negatively impact professional relationships and opportunities
  • Can be permanently disabling 

The increase in financial losses, coupled with significant pain and suffering, creates the possibility for sizable settlements.

Statute of Limitations

People injured in slip, trip, and fall accidents—or the personal representatives for the estates of those killed—have only two years to take legal action. If you miss the filing deadline, a judge dismisses your case without review, making it impossible to secure a settlement.

Strength of Evidence and Contributory Negligence

Cases where the evidence clearly shows the defendant is liable typically secure larger settlements than those where fault determination remains murky. Additionally, if the defense can prove that you were partially responsible for the slip and fall, your recovery could be reduced to reflect your degree of fault. For example, if you recovered $50,000, but were 15 percent at fault, your settlement would be reduced to $42,500.

Skill of Counsel

Whether you have a skilled Virginia injury attorney with experience handling the nuances of these cases is another factor that impacts your fall settlement.

How Our Virginia Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys Can Help You

The Mottley Law Firm fights to help slip and fall premises liability plaintiffs in Virginia recover fair compensation. We maximize the value of cases by:

  • Conducting thorough investigations
  • Gathering evidence to prove the defendant’s liability and provide a clear picture of your injuries and financial losses
  • Handling communications with the defendant’s insurer and defense counsel
  • Analyzing and negotiating settlements
  • Making sure you meet essential court deadlines

We also provide adept legal counsel and peace of mind throughout every step of the process.

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