Get help after a child's swimming pool accident | Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerIt only takes an instant for an afternoon of fun in the sun to turn into a medical emergency that can change your child’s life forever. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can easily occur in accidents at the local city waterpark or at a friend’s personal backyard pool. Because children’s brains are still developing, they are at increased risk of serious, long-term repercussions when suffering a TBI.

Causes of Child TBIs in Swimming Pool Accidents

Teens and younger children may experience a traumatic brain injury from directly striking their head against the bottom or side of the pool, or from a prolonged lack of oxygen reaching the brain during a drowning incident. 

In these cases, you need a skilled lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases to investigate the accident and discover the root cause of the injury. Your child’s TBI may have been caused by negligence from the pool owner, such as: 

  • Absence of barriers to prevent children from entering the pool unattended
  • Failing to utilize proper drains and drain covers in compliance with state law
  • Improper maintenance of diving boards, ladders, and areas around the pool creating slip and fall hazards
  • Lack of proper warning about shallow areas, such as “no diving” signs or clear markings indicating the pool depth
  • No lifeguard on duty to watch for accidents and injuries

After seeking medical attention for your child, your next step should be to go over your legal options with a traumatic brain injury attorney who has extensive knowledge of Virginia laws and statutes. You may need to seek a settlement through the property owner’s insurance or pursue a personal injury lawsuit. 

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