You Need an Attorney’s Help in Drafting a Spoliation Letter

A preservation letter has to be very specific to be useful. If you don’t know what kind of information to include, you could easily lose out on critical evidence for your case. That’s why it is important to contact a legal professional as soon as possible after sustaining an injury in a commercial truck crash.

After taking photos of the scene, obtaining contact info from witnesses, and heading to the emergency room, your next step is to get help from a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer. The specific information that your attorney may want to prevent the trucking company from destroying could include:

  • Accident reports
  • Bills of lading and other details on cargo, such as who loaded the truck
  • Cell phone or other communication device data
  • Dispatch records
  • Driver log books
  • ECM, GPS, or PCM data
  • Emails or text messages
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Employment records covering hiring, disciplinary actions, and training
  • Service time records
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair records
  • Video or audio recordings

With these details in hand, along with other evidence gathered from the crash scene, your attorney can find out what caused the accident and who is ultimately liable for your damages. Situations such as log book violations, truckers getting behind the wheel with untreated sleep disorders, lax training procedures, or failure to repair mechanical problems in a timely fashion could all play a role in establishing liability.

From there, your attorney can negotiate for a fair settlement from insurance or present your case to a jury in a personal injury suit. Potential compensation for truck accident injuries can involve medical bills, estimated future costs for additional therapies or surgery, lost income, and the emotional toll of the truck wreck on your life.

Don’t Let the Liable Party Avoid Paying What You Are Owed if You Were Hurt in a Truck Accident

Of course, a spoliation letter is only one element of your overall case. Talk to an attorney for more information on overcoming common defenses from at-fault trucking companies and determining your best path towards a financial recovery. 


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