Different types of truck accidents create different legal challenges.On any given day, a wide range of large vehicles crisscross Virginia’s streets and highways, delivering everything from garbage to gasoline to groceries. These trucks serve a necessary function, but also come with serious dangers, especially when drivers aren’t paying attention to the road or trucking companies fail to keep up with vehicle maintenance schedules. 

Virginia Truck Collision Basics

Different types of truck accidents bring varying challenges and legal hurdles in discovering who is at fault and legally owes you compensation. In the Richmond area, truck accidents may involve any of these types of vehicles:

  • Box trucks, typically for local or regional delivery
  • Cement trucks and other road construction vehicles
  • Flatbeds for hauling equipment
  • Government vehicles like animal control, USPS delivery trucks, or street sweepers
  • Rental trucks such as U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, etc.
  • Tankers carrying liquid cargo 
  • Tow trucks for moving disabled vehicles
  • Waste management trucks for garbage pickup or recycling 

When a truck driver or employer fails to uphold their standard duty of care, crashes are bound to happen that cause serious injuries. Any of the truck types listed above are susceptible to accidents involving:

  • Blindspot collisions
  • Distracted or drowsy driving, especially in instances of logbook violations or improper training
  • Jackknife crashes when the cab and trailer move in different directions
  • Rollovers when a truck physically flips on its side
  • Underride collisions when a smaller vehicle goes under the cargo bed of a truck

After an accident with any type of truck, be sure to call the police, document the scene as thoroughly as possible, and gather contact info on any eyewitnesses. Then, see a doctor to have your injuries examined. 

Once you’ve attended to your medical needs, the most important next step is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can work to determine who holds the most responsibility for your accident, whether it’s the truck driver, the company that hired them, a crew that performed shoddy repairs, or a government agency. From there, the attorney gathers and presents evidence to help you get the settlement you deserve. 

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Truck accident victims can recover damages for hospital stays, surgeries, lost wages, emotional suffering, and other expenses stemming from the injury. Ready to take the next steps in your recovery? You can read our free report on Virginia personal injury cases or contact us directly to find out if we are the right firm to fight for your legal rights.