Myth #3: Insurance Will Always Cover Me After a Truck Accident

Insurance carriers are supposed to be there for customers after a life-changing accident, but the fact is that they frequently look for ways to shift fault onto you to reduce or outright deny a payout. An attorney can fight these practices your behalf by utilizing a variety of sources, from eyewitness accounts to medical records and even accident reconstruction experts. When an attorney handles your communication, insurance adjusters know they are dealing with a serious claim.

Myth #4: Truck Injury Cases Are Too Expensive to Pursue

Crashes involving large cargo trucks often result in massive damage to property and extensive wounds. You are likely to be out of work and in need of long-term recovery after a truck crash, which leads some to believe legal action may be too expensive. Every case is different, but in some instances, an attorney may be able to work on a contingency fee for serious truck accident injuries. That means you pay little or nothing upfront and your lawyer instead is paid by a percentage of any settlement you receive.

Were you or someone you love hurt when a negligent truck driver caused an accident? Contact The Mottley Law Firm to request a consultation. We want to help you get what you are owed while you recover from your injuries. 

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