Get compensation for your temporal lobe injury | Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerOne of four main regions of the brain, the temporal lobe is critical to both emotional response and understanding visual cues. Sitting behind the temples and crossing both the left and right sides of the brain, the temporal lobe is susceptible to damage from car accidents, slip and fall injuries, or intentional acts of violence.

How a Temporal Lobe Injury Can Impact Your Life

Because it is separated across both hemispheres of the brain, any traumatic brain injury (TBI) involving the temporal lobe can affect numerous cognitive and physical functions. A temporal lobe injury may impact:

  • Automatic physical responses like feeling pain or experiencing hunger
  • Basic language function such as the ability to understand what words mean
  • Emotional regulation
  • Retaining existing memories
  • Sensory input like recognizing visual objects and interpreting sounds

Obviously, symptoms from temporal lobe injuries may have drastic repercussions on your normal daily life and your ability to work. Accident victims with this type of injury can experience severe anxiety or anger that makes it difficult to maintain personal relationships.  Cognitive issues, like remembering specific faces or clearly communicating ideas while speaking, as well as the potential for severe physical symptoms like seizures, may interfere with everyday tasks. 

Recovering Damages After a Temporal Lobe TBI

An attorney with a deep knowledge of Virginia personal injury law is a critical component to your recovery after any TBI. A Richmond brain injury lawyer can help by investigating the accident and gathering evidence proving a negligent party caused your injury. Through a settlement or court case, you may be able to recover damages for:

  • Basic medical costs like an emergency room visit or hospital stay
  • Future medical expenses for severe TBIs that require long-term therapy or surgeries
  • Loss of hourly, salaried, or self-employment wages while recovering
  • Losing future earning potential if the temporal lobe injury interferes with your ability to continue working
  • Pain and suffering or loss of quality of life

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