What to Do After a Virginia Car Accident

If you’re involved in a collision, no matter where it might be, it’s critical to remain calm and ensure your safety. You will also want to take the following steps to protect your health and a potential car accident injury claim. 

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Even if your injuries seem minor initially, it’s crucial to seek prompt medical attention. Some injuries may manifest hours or even days after the accident. Medical documentation is essential for both your well-being and any potential legal claims.

Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

In Virginia, it’s mandatory to report an accident to law enforcement if it results in injury, death, or property damage exceeding $1,500. Reporting the incident creates an official record of the accident, which can be used as evidence for your case.

Gather Evidence and Document the Accident Scene

Collecting accurate information is vital for the claims process. Exchange names, contact information, insurance details, and vehicle registration information with the other parties involved and any witnesses to the crash. Additionally, document the scene by taking photos of the accident, including vehicle damage, road conditions, and any relevant signage.

Contact a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Contact The Mottley Law Firm as soon as you’re able to do so. Our lawyers help protect your rights after a car accident in Richmond or the surrounding counties. With extensive experience, we have the knowledge and resources to build the strongest possible car accident injury claim on your behalf.

How The Mottley Law Firm Can Help You

No matter the cause or location of the car crash, having a skilled car accident lawyer on your side makes a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Our team is well-versed in Virginia vehicle incidents and can guide you through the legal process while ensuring your rights and possible compensation stay protected. Here are just a few actions we’ll take care of as your legal representation. 

Evidence Gathering

Lawyers have the resources and knowledge to collect and present compelling evidence to support your case, including police accident reports, medical records, and witness statements.

Negotiation Skills

We’ll negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you receive fair compensation for economic and non-economic damages such as:

Legal Representation

If an insurer doesn’t settle your claim, our Virginia car accident lawyers provide strong legal positioning in court to protect your interests and advocate for the compensation you deserve. 

Reduce Stress

Dealing with a car accident claim can be overwhelming, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. A Virginia car accident lawyer can reduce your stress by handling the legal aspects of your case while you focus on regaining your health.

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