Whether you received a concussion, mild traumatic brain injury or more serious traumatic brain injury in Virginia, you probably will want a lawyer to represent you. However, not all attorneys are experienced in brain injury cases, and the ones who are don’t take every case.

Before taking on a new case, lawyers who know what it takes to be successful in a brain injury case ask potential clients the following questions:

  1. Can your brain injury be demonstrated by your medical records or doctor?
  2. Are you currently having symptoms of a brain injury?
  3. Will your family members, physicians, co-workers, or friends be willing to tell a judge and jury that you have changed as a result of your brain injury?
  4. Is there any evidence to prove how the brain injury happened? For example, maybe there was a picture of a cracked windshield that your head hit in an accident.
  5. Did someone else cause the injury due to his or her negligence?
  6. Did you do anything that contributed to your own injury?
  7. Does the negligent party have assets or insurance to cover your damages?

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