When someone’s negligence causes your family member to suffer from a brain injury, it is a very serious matter. The most important thing that you can do for someone you love is to observe the changes in his or her behavior and be willing to talk about the changes that have occurred.

Unlike a broken arm, mild traumatic brain injuries are often difficult injuries for doctors to diagnose. This is why it is critical for you to observe any changes that have occurred with your loved after an accident in Virginia, as any change could be a symptom of a brain injury. Even if your family member isn’t acting in the same manner or something just seems off, it is important that you share this information with your loved one’s doctor and attorney. Most importantly, it is critical that you are willing to look a jury in the eye and explain that the person you love may look normal but has changed since the accident.

As a brain injury attorney in Richmond, I urge you to not make this mistake and fail to observe the changes taking place under your nose. To speak with a lawyer about your loved one’s brain injury case, call the Mottley Law Firm for a free case consultation at 804-930-1022 or contact us online at

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