Seeking Support for Long-Term Needs

The unfortunate reality is that the road to recovery after a traumatic brain injury can be a lifelong journey. Survivors need to concern themselves not only with immediate symptoms and struggles but also with how they choose to live their lives moving forward. To plan a future on your terms, having the right support for managing your long-term needs is crucial.

  • Personal counseling and support groups, for instance, provide tremendous guidance if you suffer from PTSD after a TBI
  • Additionally, many people require certain instruments or accommodations to go about their daily activities. You might need to outfit their home with assistive devices and adaptive technology or hire in-home care. 
  • Occupational therapy and retraining programs can help brain injury survivors return to the workforce. 
  • Whether or not they go back to work, TBI survivors may also need financial assistance due to the loss of future earning potential, as well as costs related to medication and therapy. 

These and other challenges can be especially profound in children who experience a traumatic brain injury. TBIs affect healthy development and limit their ability to participate in school and sports. 

Helpful Resources for Recovering Brain Injury Victims

Managing life after a traumatic brain injury doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. It’s helpful to know there are some community organizations that provide ongoing support, including assisting families who support TBI victims to better manage the day-to-day needs of their loved ones. Three notable and well-respected resources our firm often recommends are:

  • The Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit of the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services funds programs, contracts, and agency services for persons with brain injuries. 
  • The Brain Injury Association of Virginia offers in-person and virtual support groups for brain injury victims and their family caregivers. 
  • Brain Injury Services provides individualized case management, counseling, friendship groups with community volunteers, veterans programs, and more.
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