Other Evidence You Need After a Truck Accident Injury near Henrico County

A police report is only one piece of evidence necessary to negotiate with an insurance company or argue your case in court during a personal injury lawsuit, however. You may also need other crucial evidence like driver logs or employment records in cases where logbook violations or inadequate training led to the accident.

Truck maintenance schedules and medical documentation can also play a critical role in explaining how the accident took place and who is responsible. Depending on the circumstances of the collision, accident reconstruction experts and other witnesses may be necessary to testify about how the crash took place and what impact it has had on your life.

That sort of documentation is often more difficult to acquire than a police report, which is why retaining a qualified truck accident attorney is crucial to protecting yourself after an accident. Truck crash injuries are typically extremely expensive in terms of both medical costs and the physical impact on your ability to work. Because of how high your eventual compensation may be, both the liable trucking company and their insurer have a clear financial interest in paying less than you deserve.

An attorney who has handled truck cases before can look out for common defenses used by negligent truckers, the company that hired them, or the insurance adjuster to avoid responsibility. While sidestepping those pitfalls, your legal representative can fight for the fair and complete amount you are actually owed, covering medical bills, lost income while recovering, and emotional suffering.

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