Liability is determined

This is an extremely important step that is easy to overlook by yourself. The person who behaved negligently and is liable for your damages isn’t always the party you first expect. The other driver may not be a viable source of compensation in a car wreck case, or in situations of falling injuries, the liable party might not be the store owner. Your attorney sifts through all the available evidence to determine which specific act of negligence caused your traumatic brain injury and who is liable.

Symptoms of the injury are less likely to interfere with your case

Traumatic brain injuries—even so-called “mild” ones—often include cognitive difficulties, extreme exhaustion, and an impact on language skills. Those symptoms may make it extremely difficult to navigate an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Having a skilled attorney you can rely on is a major help in sidestepping these kinds of medical complications that could interfere with your ability to recover financially.

Value is placed on your damages

Lost income may be easy to calculate on your own, but there are plenty of other considerations that your lawyer will want to make sure aren’t missed if you are offered a settlement for a TBI. Your potential compensation may include extensive medical costs, lost future earning potential, and non-economic considerations like emotional suffering and physical pain.


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