If you suspect that someone who has been given the power of attorney is acting fraudulently and abusing his or her powers, you are probably wondering how you can confirm if abuse and misuse is happening.

Power of Attorney Abuse

Someone who is assigned power of attorney is supposed to act in the other person’s best interest. However, many people have abused their powers and have written checks and misused the other person’s assets to enrich themselves.  If you believe this is happening to your loved one, you may have a right under Virginia law to find out how the power of attorney document is being handled. However, only certain people have the right to demand that the person with the power of attorney inform them about all the transactions that have occurred.

If you would like to find out if you have the right to request this information, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney. Because there are laws and statutes that govern a power of attorney document, a lawyer can also explain your rights to you. Call the Mottley Law Firm in Richmond for a complimentary consultation at 804-930-1022 or reach us online.

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