If you are concerned about the validity of your loved one’s will and believe you have grounds to contest the will, you need to find out how you can raise a formal objection. Find out here in this video how to contest the validity of a will.

It is possible that the new will your loved one created was done when your loved one was under undue influence or lacked the mental capacity to write the will. As a result, you may have the right to contest the will on grounds that it does not reflect the intent of that person. Under Virginia law, you can contest the will in the following two ways:

  1. Appeal the order entered by the clerk of the circuit court probating the will
  2. File a complaint in the circuit court, seeking to impeach the will

Because you will need to file a claim with the court within a certain window of time, it is critical that you contact a skilled attorney who can assist you in contesting the will. For help with your situation, contact the Mottley Law Firm in Richmond for a complimentary consultation at 804-930-1022 or online at

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