When your loved one dies and his or her will is made known, it may surprise you to learn that it is not what you expected. You may need to go to court in an effort to impeach the will. Find out here in this video if you have grounds to challenge a will.

Under Virginia law, there are several reasons to contest a will, such as:

  • The will was not executed properly, making the will invalid.
  • The person did not intend for that will to be his or her last will.
  • The will was signed by a person who lacked the mental capacity to execute the will.
  • The person who signed the will did so under the influence of someone who stood to gain from changing the will.
  • The person who signed the will was under duress (serious pressure by someone else).
  • Fraud was committed.

If you believe you have grounds for contesting your loved one’s will, you should speak with an attorney who can take action in court. Call the Mottley Law Firm in Richmond for a complimentary consultation at 804-930-1022 or reach us online at

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