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Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injuries and Paying for Physical Therapy

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen to anyone, regardless of age and physical health. and may dramatically impact a person’s ability to function. They may struggle to stand, walk, or even change position in bed. Physical therapy (PT) can be greatly beneficial for people who have suffered TBIs from falls, car accidents, and other blows to the head. However, the cost of physical therapy sessions can escalate quickly. It’s prudent to consult with skilled Virginia brain injury lawyers like The Mottley Law Firm professionals to explore your options. Liable parties should cover your medical expenses. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Brain Injury

People often seek different methods of rehabilitation to regain function after a TBI. One of the most common choices is physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy. 

PT can be immensely beneficial. TBIs present various symptoms and impairments, which is why physical therapists customize treatment plans for each patient. In general, the goals of physical therapy include improving muscle function, restoring mobility, strengthening muscles, and relieving pain. This may involve basic movements like standing, balancing, pushing, squatting, and walking, and/or using adaptive equipment to accomplish certain positioning, stretching and mobility.  

In many cases, a TBI cannot be fully cured. There may not be a way to reverse the damage to the brain tissue. However, individuals learn how to overcome some limitations and improve their quality of life through physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitative treatment, such as condition education and additional exercises. 

TBIs often cause lifelong consequences, so along with PT, an injured person might also require occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling. To recover expenses related to rehabilitation, it’s crucial that negligent parties are brought to justice and victims are fairly compensated. The Mottley Law Firm team will champion your legal rights to fair compensation. 

Paying for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

It’s often a challenge paying for medical bills after a car accident in Virginia, especially when related to TBI recovery. A single PT session can cost as much as $500 or more without health insurance, but even with coverage, many policies have stringent limits that require you to pay a lot more out of pocket. You have a few options for paying for physical therapy to cover these potentially high costs. 

The At-Fault Driver

If you were in a car accident and the other motorist is at fault, they may be responsible for covering your medical bills. This includes passenger injuries in car accidents. Virginia observes “at-fault” insurance rules. Injured parties seek compensation from the at-fault driver or their insurer. However, you’ll need the experienced Virginia car accident attorneys at The Mottley Law Firm to help prove negligence in these cases. 

To help build a solid claim, be sure to document everything, including a written referral from your primary physical for physical therapy. The referral should specifically state your diagnosis and the need for PT. Keep records of your sessions and attend all your appointments. This all serves as evidence in your personal injury case.

MedPay Insurance Policy

If you’re involved in a car crash and are at fault, your auto insurance policy may cover some medical expenses. With an optional MedPay policy, your insurer will cover medical bills up to your coverage limits. Code of Virginia § 38.2-2201 outlines this type of medical payment coverage.  

Private Medical Benefits Coverage 

Another PT payment option is your personal health insurance policy provided by either your employer or an individual plan. Private medical benefits plans may include some coverage for a specific number of physical therapy sessions. Be sure to confirm this coverage with your insurer first. 

Medicare or Medicaid

In some cases, government health coverage plans may cover some of the costs associated with physical therapy for traumatic brain injuries. Consult with the knowledgeable brain injury lawyers at The Mottley Law Firm to learn if this may apply to your situation. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Whether it’s an open head wound or a closed head injury, workplace accidents can cause TBIs, too. In these cases, workers' compensation insurance may cover physical therapy bills. This type of insurance is required for most Virginia employers.

Get Help From Experienced Virginia TBI Lawyers

Dealing with a traumatic brain injury and the resulting impairments is stressful enough. Having to worry about paying for physical therapy adds to your burden. At The Mottley Law Firm, we partner with you to improve the chances of obtaining fair compensation and paying all your medical bills.

We work with our clients to calculate the true value of brain injury cases. It’s not just about immediate expenses like current PT sessions. A fair settlement also includes other economic and non-economic damages, such as reduced quality of life and anticipated future medical costs. We’ll collect evidence, build your case, and possibly increase the settlement amount you ultimately receive.
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