Recovering Damages After Suffering an Injury as a Passenger

An attorney can discuss the situation with you and help determine which insurer you should file a claim with for the best shot at the full compensation you deserve. Your legal representative can also advise on how to avoid common tactics used by insurance adjusters to pay you less than you are owed.

In some cases, insurance may not be the best option and a personal injury lawsuit may be warranted against the driver of the other vehicle in the accident. That driver may have directly caused the collision through negligent behavior like failing to yield, drowsy driving, driving under the influence, or so on. A legal professional can fully investigate the accident and firmly establish who is liable and ultimately caused your injury.

Whether filing an insurance claim or pursuing damages through a lawsuit, your car accident attorney can fight to ensure all of your costs are considered, such as:

  • Income and benefits lost while recovering from your injury, whether you are an hourly employee, salaried worker, or are self-employed
  • Impacts on your future earning potential in cases involving long-term or permanent disability stemming from the injury
  • Healthcare costs (ER visit, hospital stay, future surgeries or physical therapy sessions, medications, etc.)
  • Non-economic damages for pain and suffering, emotional damage, and other impacts to your life that don’t have a specific dollar amount immediately attached


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