Fighting for Your Rights to Fair Compensation

Legal representation and assistance are important, even if you’re completely innocent. To improve your chances of receiving a proper settlement for a Virginia hit-and-run accident, The Mottley Law Firm will work tirelessly to defend your legal rights. We’ll assess your situation and stay with you every step of the way to earn the justice you deserve. Here are some of the steps we take.  

Investigate the Car Accident

Establishing clear liability in a hit-and-run calls for an experienced personal injury legal team. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation and secure evidence that supports your claim, such as traffic camera footage, eyewitnesses, and other essential facts. This evidence may also help law enforcement identify the other driver. But even if it doesn’t, it justifies the requested settlement amount. 

Deal With Insurance Companies

You’ll need to file a claim with your own car insurance company if the other driver is never found. This may sound simple, but the insurer is equally motivated to minimize the amount of your claim. A dedicated lawyer can negotiate with the carrier on your behalf to get what you deserve. 

Place a Specific Value on Damages

Some economic and non-economic damage amounts are easier to quantify than others. If you miss four weeks of work due to injuries from a hit-and-run accident, your lost wages are relatively easy to add up. But, it may be less obvious how to estimate the cost of all future medical bills after a Virginia car accident. Your lawyer can help with this. 

Pursue Compensation for Damages

In some way, recovering damages after a hit-and-run accident is like what you’d do after an accident with an uninsured driver, as the negligent party’s absence poses many of the same compensation challenges. Our team guides you through the process of how and from whom you can seek reimbursement for various losses related to your claim.

Possible Hit-and-Run Accident Damages You May Recover

Just because you may not be able to identify the other driver doesn’t mean it’s impossible to recover damages after a hit-and-run car accident in Virginia. You can seek compensation for many of the same things you would in other auto collisions, such as: 

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Future income
  • Pain and suffering
It’s crucial to tabulate not just current costs, but also anticipated damages and expenses in the future. For example, internal injuries from car accidents can lead to future medical complications, which might reduce your ability to work and enjoy life. You should be fairly compensated for this undue burden.
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