How a Lawyer Helps You Recover Financially After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Your attorney doesn’t investigate the accident just to determine who is liable for your injury, but also to find out how much they may owe you in compensation. This process is known as valuing your damages, and it’s about more than just arriving at a dollar figure.

Once the extent of your damages is known, your attorney’s job is to make certain the insurance provider or jury is aware of all your actual costs as you reach maximum medical recovery. The full and fair compensation you deserve may not be included in the initial settlement offer from an insurance company.

Your complete list of damages can potentially include factors like:

  • Loss of future earning capacity if the effects of the TBI stop you from working or force you to work a job with reduced income
  • Loss of income after the accident, whether hourly wages, salaried pay, etc.
  • Lost benefits while recovering
  • Medical bills such as hospital expenses, price of medications, surgical costs, and so on
  • Non-economic damages that aren’t as simple to put a price tag on, like emotional suffering or physical pain
  • Out-of-pocket expenses while getting treatment for your traumatic brain injury
  • Property damage if you were in a vehicle collision
  • Subsequent healthcare costs you are expected to need in the future, such as additional surgeries or physical therapy sessions
  • Wrongful death if someone in your family passes away due to the brain injury


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