Pursuing Compensation After a Car Crash Without a Seat Belt In Virginia

Whether you worse a seat belt or not, it is important to avoid making any commentary about fault, or to apologize for the accident to make the other driver feel better. You don't want to ruin your chances at a successful financial recovery before the process truly gets started.

Even if you weren't wearing your seat belt and you were injured in the crash, you can still recover damages if you take the right steps. In particular, you want to be sure to:

Ask any witnesses for their contact details

Contact information will come in handy when pursuing compensation in your case.

Contact law enforcement and file a report about the accident with the police

Do not admit fault in any way, and avoid discussing the cause of the crash to the other party involved in the accident.

Gather photographic evidence of the accident scene to use later

These images may be necessary to determine how you were hit so liability can be properly established.

Get to the emergency room and let medical staff check for dangerous internal injuries

This is particularly vital if you weren't wearing a seat belt and struck your head during the crash. Seeing a doctor additionally starts an official paper trail on your injury. That's why you cannot skip this step, even if adrenaline from the accident makes you feel like you aren't in pain at the time.

Seek out a qualified Virginia car accident attorney

Don't give a recorded statement to insurance or discuss the specifics of the accident on social media until speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

After that last step, your car accident attorney can review your case and investigate the accident to determine both who is liable and how much compensation you deserve. Your financial recovery could potentially include elements like pain and suffering, lost income, and medical bills from the crash.


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