How to Find Out What Maintenance Issue Caused Your Truck Accident

Obviously, the truck driver is unlikely to just say out loud at the scene that the accident was caused by broken brakes or worn tires that should have been replaced. However, you need to find out what specifically caused the accident to pursue compensation, and that’s where an experienced attorney comes into the picture.

A lawyer can investigate the collision by acquiring driver logs, employment info, maintenance data, daily inspection reports, video footage, and other evidence. Carriers are legally required to keep documents like driver inspection logs for a set amount of time but are free to shred them after that point, which is one reason why it is crucial to talk to an attorney quickly.

Besides helping you file a personal injury lawsuit within the statute of limitations imposed by Virginia law, an attorney is crucial to acquiring all the evidence necessary to argue your case in court before its eventually destroyed by the trucking company.

Exactly where an act of negligence occurred along the chain of accountability will determine who is specifically liable and presents a good source of potential compensation. For instance, it’s possible the driver didn’t perform a daily inspection, or that the issue was reported, but the carrier simply didn’t order a repair. In cases where the problem was found and the repair ordered, the maintenance crew may have ignored the broken part and allowed the truck back out on the road before making a fix. Finally, the carrier also could have employed improperly trained mechanics who performed a substandard job that led to the collision.

Depending on what specifically caused the VA truck accident, your attorney’s investigation could reveal that the liable party is the:

  • Driver
  • Loading crew
  • Mechanic or maintenance team
  • Part manufacturer
  • Shipper
  • Trucking company

Protect Your Legal Rights After a Truck Crash With a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Finding out who is liable for the accident is just the first part of achieving a financial recovery. It isn’t uncommon for catastrophic injuries to occur in truck crashes like bone fractures, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, soft tissue damage, disfigurement, or amputations. That’s why you need someone with experience in these kinds of cases to negotiate for a full and fair settlement from the trucking company’s insurer, or to take the case to court.

With the help of a lawyer, you can ensure all of your damages are properly considered in your compensation. Non-economic damages like quality of life lost due to pain and suffering or permanent disability should be included, but you may also have monetary damages like lost wages, medical bills, and physical therapy costs.


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