What to Do Next After an Underride Accident

Due to the likelihood of catastrophic injuries, you may not be able to stay at the scene and could be taken by ambulance to the emergency room. If that isn’t the case, it’s important to gather information that will be useful later when dealing with insurance or bringing a lawsuit against the negligent party. If you aren’t immediately taken to the hospital, be sure to report the accident to law enforcement, take photographs of the truck and your vehicle, and acquire contact details for other drivers who witnessed the crash.

The two most important steps come next. First, you must see a doctor immediately, even if you miraculously escape an underride crash without obvious wounds. You may have suffered internal injuries that could lead to serious health issues or even death if they aren’t caught quickly.

After addressing your medical needs, the next step is to work with an experienced truck accident attorney who can thoroughly investigate the accident. With an attorney at your side, the trucking company’s insurance is more likely to pay what you are actually owed. Your lawyer can also help file a personal injury lawsuit against that at-fault party if you were hurt in the crash, or bring a wrongful death suit if a loved one died from their injuries.

Potential Compensation After a Truck Underride Accident

  • Bills for any medical costs you incurred due to the injury, such as the ER visit, hospital stay, etc.
  • Funeral costs in underride crashes involving a wrongful death
  • Future medical costs if you are expected to need additional surgeries, medication, or physical therapy
  • Income lost while recovering, as well as loss of earning potential if the injury prevents you from returning to your job
  • Non-economic damages that don’t have an immediate price tag attached, like pain, suffering, and lost quality of life
  • Out-of-pocket costs while seeking treatment for your injury


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