Top Questions for a Brain Injury Lawyer | Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerWhen you’ve been hurt and are trying to navigate the physical and emotional changes from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the last thing you should have to worry about is handling complicated legal proceedings. You need a dedicated attorney when dealing with life’s biggest trials, but not all personal injury lawyers will be the right fit for your situation. 

Key Questions for a TBI Lawyer

It’s important to ask questions to ensure you’ve found a professional who will listen to your concerns and take the time to provide the answers. These are some of the top questions to bring up when meeting with a traumatic brain injury attorney to discuss your accident.

1. What Experience Do You Have in Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits?

TBI cases are complex and require a specific skill set. Brain injuries should be a focus for the firm you choose. You want to make sure your attorney has an established track record of positive outcomes at trial as well as extensive experience handling insurance adjusters, investigating accidents, and presenting medical evidence to a jury.

2. Can I Afford to Hire an Attorney for My Brain Injury Case?

If you can’t work after your injury, paying for the services of an attorney is probably a major concern. The good news is that the initial consultation costs you nothing, and most traumatic brain injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. Any payment is taken from your settlement or court judgment, so you only pay if your case is successfully resolved.

3. Will My Case Be a Priority for This Law Firm?

Due to the potential for recovering a very large sum after a TBI, insurance providers and the at-fault party will likely fight hard to avoid admitting fault and paying anything at all. For the best chance at a good outcome, you want a lawyer who isn’t handling dozens of other cases at the same time. At The Mottley Law Firm, we only take a small number of cases each year to devote proper time and effort to each client’s unique situation.

4. What Is My Brain Injury Case Worth? 

No two brain injury cases are exactly the same. The specific amount of compensation you seek to recover will vary depending on the physical, cognitive, and emotional impacts of your injury. To secure your financial future, work with an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to ensure that all of your costs are actually considered, like: 

  • Medical bills
  • Future healthcare costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

5. What Evidence Do I Need to Pursue Compensation?

In order to hold the at-fault party responsible for your brain injury, you need to prove that person behaved negligently. A skilled attorney will gather the evidence to make that argument, which could include police reports, accident reconstructions, and expert witnesses who can testify about your injury. To help in that process, you should also gather some of the evidence yourself at the scene of the accident if possible, such as contact info for eyewitnesses and photos of the car wreck, the area where the accident happened, etc.  

6. How Much Time Do I Have to File My Lawsuit? 

In most circumstances, the state of Virginia gives you two years to file a lawsuit from the date of the injury. If you wait longer than that, your case will be dismissed. That’s why it’s crucial to act quickly by retaining legal counsel, as investigations take time and court processes aren’t always fast. 

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