How Much Can I Expect From a Truck Accident Case?

There isn't one specific amount that is typical for truck cases because injuries can vary so widely between accidents. In general, the worse your injury and the more impact it has on your life, the higher your expected compensation. Finding the specific dollar amount you deserve is a process known as valuing damages and is one of your attorney’s main duties. Those damages could include:

  • Any costs incurred for medical treatment, from an ambulance ride to the price of medication and even surgery expenses
  • Damage to your vehicle from the truck crash
  • Loss of wages during your recovery period after the truck accident
  • Lost earning potential in situations where a long-term or permanent injury forces you to change jobs or leave the workforce
  • Non-economic damages for the impact on your life that don’t always have a clear price tag, such as reduced quality of life or emotional suffering
  • Various out-of-pocket expenses while pursuing treatment for a truck crash injury
  • Wrongful death if a loved one died in the truck collision

What Problems Could Pop up During a Truck Injury Claim?

Some of the crucial evidence mentioned above may be accidentally discarded or purposefully thrown out. Because of that possibility, it is crucial to have an experienced truck accident lawyer send a demand letter to the trucking company to preserve important evidence.

Additionally, there are several common mistakes that truck accident victims make without an attorney’s guidance. Releasing your full medical records to the insurer can be disastrous, and unfortunately, many victims allow an insurance adjuster to talk them into accidentally admitting partial fault.

Let your Virginia truck wreck attorney handle communication with insurers and the at-fault party’s legal representation to avoid problems.

Who Is Responsible for My Truck Accident Injury?

This is a more important question than you may realize. Your best source of financial compensation after a truck crash may not be the most obvious person.

Of course, there are cases where a distracted or drunk truck driver is clearly liable for your injury. In other situations, the liable party could be the trucking company that employs the driver, a mechanic who performed an incorrect repair, or even a loading crew that didn’t stack cargo properly.

Correctly determining the liable party is another important reason to have an experienced Virginia truck accident attorney investigating every aspect of your case.


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